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Floating on Air- Art to lift your spirits

2021-02-22 00:00:00

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Layza Gallery




I must confess- I’m not an art critic or connoisseur but I know what I like. Please don’t give me cubist blocks or triangles that are supposed to represent a face- Like, I was never good at geometry. AND please don’t tell me that someone throwing buckets of paint off the boardwalk onto a canvass is not really someone trying to do what his mother never let-“Now, Jackson Pollack , you stop that immediately”. So I was totally gratified to find an artist, Aliza Guttman, whose site Layza Gallery filled me with tranquility. Her array of everyday subjects and her color combinations made me want to talk to her- And so I did!


Aliza is an artist in several media- she is a sculptress, and has also illustrated children’s books. The time spent  creating her paintings are moments of relaxation and enjoyment- a chance to get away from the world of stress we find in everyday life. She deals in energy and movement. Aliza in ‘real life’ has worked in  a bank, as a stock broker-for the past thirty years because, as she puts it plainly, “ there’s little money as an artist.” So her get-a-way is a room in her house in which she escapes into her imagination. I ask her specifically about her ballerinas, a motif seen an many of her canvasses. To me, they seem to be floating- their feet not touching the ground. Aha, I say to myself- this must be symbolic of free spirits or uplifting creativity- I mention my idea and Alyza says. “ no, no symbolism in feet not touching the ground.” She adds in Hebrew

“הכל בעיני המתבונן”- everything is in the eyes of the beholder. Another artistic trait – no faces on the people. She said she once tried to paint her daughter’s face and it was  a disaster(shh).



Aliza and her husband who works in architectural lighting live in Tel Aviv. They have two daughters who are officers in the IDF and a son who is a student. Aliza, who is such a pleasure to speak with, invites you to browse her gallery on Etsy and now on in our Market. My recommendation is checking out  the Happy Feet multicolored boots- they seem to be dancing . IMNSHO they will make you want to dance in the rain. Layza(pronounced Liza) Gallery’s doors are open for business.