Tracey Lipman

Tracey Lipman

Nachal Achziv , Beit Shemesh, 9964508

Tracey Lipman designs and makes clever accessories for smart woman who know they want and deserve more than your average purse. Do you want to be one of those women who seem to have it all together, instead of feeling like a hot mess? Aren't you fed up with losing your train of thought as you rummage around your purse to find what you need? You have so much on your shoulders, you want more pockets, so you don't have to carry what you need in your hands too. If this sounds like you, you need more than a purse. You deserve more than a purse. Take a look at a Tracey Lipman so you can focus on what you want as you know what you need is safely stored and accessible in your beautiful fabric pockets.

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