Earrings By Irit- Colorful Sensations

Earrings by Irit- colorful sensations

Have you ever spoken to sunshine over the phone? Well, I did! From the beginning of our conversation till the end, a glow seemed to be hovering over me-and it was still dark outside. ( I call my wonderful ACHI merchants early New York time)

Irit Digmi  lives in Moshav Michael, between Ashkelon and Kiryat Gat on the way down to Sderot. She exudes a love of life and the creative energy to start a business that has sparkled from its inception two years ago on January first 2019. How did it start?

Irit shares her life and her triumphs on her very active blog. She’s been designing earrings for herself for over a decade, and friends began asking her to make them earrings. Two years ago Irit opened her workshop- one of the two rooms in her home, and launched her site which is now on Etsy and of course on ACHI Market  at https://www.achi613.org/achi-market/vendors/earrings-by-irit-digmi.

I asked Irit what inspires her specific style and she said the colors of nature all around her. Where she lives she sees the “ Kalaniot adamdamot adamoniot”- “the red red anemones” made famous  by the Israeli singer Shoshana Damari. The rest of nature is Irit’s palette and her earrings accessorize any type of clothing or occasion.

Irit and I bonded immediately with our love of humor, acting and weight loss ( don’t ask- but she was successful). She gave me a few “teeps” ! She also encouraged me as she does with all women to “fly high”. Whatever age you are- there are few boundaries if you are determined to succeed. She told me about the comedy routines she and her daughter used to perform in Haifa, B C ( before Corona).  Her involvement with fashion, design, and digital technology are just two areas that fulfill her life. Eclectic, charming, inspiring- those are my impressions, but see for yourself at www.achi613.org on the ACHI Market- I have an invitation to visit her- I’m sure she’d love to welcome you, as well-