No “ouchies” from these Paper Cuts!

No “ouchies” from these PAPER CUTS

It’s still dark outside here in the US as I call Lisa Isaacs, resident of Modi’in and charming creator of Handmade in Israel- a business  based on beautiful home-made paper cut art- birthday cards, invitations, albums and pictures. Lisa tells me a little bit of her background.  Her grandmother escaped to England from Germany during WWII and Lisa describes the continuous dreams of Zion permeating the landscape in which she grew up. In 1995, at the age of 26, Lisa made her “lone” Aliyah. Luckily, her future husband Richard, made Aliyah  6 months later and…They have a 20 year old son serving in the IDF and an 18 year old son, standing in the wings.

Lisa, an ETSY vendor, has a background in the arts and worked in art and design in Jerusalem. The move to Modi’in  and raising her family was a natural segue for her to create this unique home business. When I found her on our ACHI Market at , I was attracted to her unique cards,( which means I bought several)  one of which I used for my granddaughter’s Bat Mitzvah. Shana, my granddaughter, in her thank you note said the card was so beautiful- to which Savti(me) answered- “It’s a beautiful as you!(K”AH”).

Lisa has a long-lived blog   in which she describes the beautiful surroundings of Modi’in and the past and current hikes that she and her husband have taken. Of course she highlights her paper cut art on her blog as well, but you will admire her photographic skill and the historical knowledge that she shares. Better yet, visit her at to find wonderful gifts for others- and yourself!