The KLEE and You

What is a KLEE? It is a dedicated vessel (i.e. dish, bowl, tray) that will be placed in your home, school, and office and will always be filled with products from Israel.

Why is this so important?

The word KLEE is an acronym for ‘Klee L’Ezrat Yisroel’ which means a ‘Dish to Help Israel’. By having a KLEE in your home, and filling it with Israeli products, you are helping the Israeli economy, and keeping Israel in your hearts and minds


You can craft a KLEE, buy a KLEE or gift a KLEE to others. Check out our instructions for KLEE crafting if you are a do-it-yourselfer or go to the ACHI MARKET and buy KLEES for yourself and others


KLEE crafting can be done at home, in camp and in school- Suggest it as activity to your family and friends. KLEE craft boxes are available for purchase or you can follow the easy instructions for making your own KLEE!


That’s up to you- Find a venue and craft, or move on to our Marketplace to find the perfect KLEE

By making The Klee Commitment you will help change BDS to “Buy Display Support” Israel.



Please submit YOUR KLEE pictures to

Create Your Own KLEE with ACHI