What is in a Name?

Highlighting some of our ETSY vendors

Highlighting some of our ETSY vendors

“What’s in a name?” asks Shakespeare. Was he thinking of ETSY- the world wide platform for arts, crafts and unique gifts? When one of the founders, Rob Kalin was asked how he and his partners thought of the name, he answered-“These are nonsense syllables, which actually don’t stand for anything. We wanted to start with no preconceived notions.” But as history has shown since its beginning in 2005 , ETSY means an opportunity for artisans, craftspeople and just about anyone who wants a safe and simple seller’s market to reach global customers while we, the buyers, find delightful ways to fill our carts. Most important- the ACHI Market Place highlights 18 Etsy Israeli marketers so far, who are becoming more well- known through our own site, www.achi613.org. You can reach these merchants via our website, where otherwise they might be lost among the thousands of other ETSY vendors. We promote THINK ISRAEL-BUY ISRAELI. Let us lead you to exclusive products and merchants who all have a story to tell. Follow their stories with me.

 Here are some of the ETSY names to look for when you press the link and then check out our almost 100 other merchants:

Bier Judaica at https://www.achi613.org/achi-market/vendors/bier-judaica,

Amiela Ceramics at https://www.achi613.org/achi-market/vendors/amielaceramics,

Lisa Isaacs Papercut Art at https://www.achi613.org/achi-market/vendors/lisa-isaacs-papercut-art

and Jerusalem Embroideries at https://www.achi613.org/achi-market/vendors/jerusalem-embroideries.