ACHI, American Communities Helping Israel, a grassroots organization, was founded in 2004 during the Second Intifada, to boost the economy and morale in Israel, as well as to raise awareness of keeping Israel in the hearts and minds of this and the next generation. The ACHI Team spreads a simple but effective marketing concept: “Think Israel - Buy Israeli”. ACHI promotes making a lateral change in buying habits, and choosing Israeli products of all kinds.Displaying these products in a ” specifically dedicated KLEE- (a dish or bowl) “- functions as a constant reminder of our connection to Israel and its people.

ACHI has embarked on a new endeavor called The ACHI MARKET, an online site which hosts vendors and manufacturers displaying their "Made in Israel" product line.

The ACHI MARKET promotes:

  • An ongoing social media campaign by ACHI to attract new vendors and customers
  • A multi-age audience to “Think Israel - Buy Israeli.
  • The growth of the Israeli economy by increasing the sales and distribution of Israeli goods and thus also increasing employment.

Suzanne Weilgus

A licensed teacher and MBA in health care administration, is an active businesswoman, past president of philanthropic organizations, founder of ACHI-bringing innovative ideas that are easy to implement.

Gloria Gordon

MSW,ACSW specialized in working with youth and families. She is active in communal services and served as president of communal and Zionist organizations. As one of the coordinators of ACHI she brings her technical expertise to creative projects.

Rochelle Zupnik

M.S., a professional educator with past experience in day schools, congregational schools and the BJE Resource Center. She is a former V.P of Sales and Marketing in a software development company. Rochelle is active in communal activities and as a coordinator of ACHI, brings creative approaches to learning.