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Magic and Mystery in the Stones of the Holy Land

When I look at a rock, I see a rock. Anat Perl, the designer of Blessing Stones can look at a rock and see the creation within. In her mind’s eye, she imagines the form that will emerge, and in so doing she brings the essence of her vision to life. Anat is an artist in varied media.

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Can a woman have too many handbags? Puhleeze!

Color, size, function, personality- just about anything and everything determines the chosen pocketbook for your day. Do you need a crossover just to carry your phone and credit card? Perhaps you need a tote bag to carry your wallet, library book, extra water bottle, tablet and three granola bars?

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I’m a fan of fans- especially Fancy Fans, a business created by Sharon Jerusalmy, purveyor of artistic, hand crafted fans for every occasion. Did you

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What is in a Name?

Highlighting some of our ETSY vendors “What’s in a name?” asks Shakespeare. Was he thinking of ETSY- the world wide platform for arts, crafts and

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