Can a woman have too many handbags? Puhleeze!

Lika Mia Leather Handbags

Color, size, function, personality- just about anything and everything determines the chosen pocketbook for your day. Do you need a crossover just to carry your phone and credit card? Perhaps you need a tote bag to carry your wallet, library book, extra water bottle, tablet and three granola bars? Of course you need a chic evening bag that can accommodate your phone,( never leave home without it) makeup etc…This is just the tip of the barrel-There is  really no telling what will cause a sane woman, window shopping in the mall, hear a bag inside the store calling out, “Buy me, buy me”, and then do it. I can testify to that!

Therefore , I was delighted to speak to Lea Pesi Even, the founder of Lika Mia, the source of beautiful leather handbags found on Etsy and our ACHI Market.

The name of Lea’s store intrigued me,  so I started out with that question and heard the following explanation: Lika is actually a Bulgarian name- the name of Lea’s grandmother who influenced her family very much and the Mia(Italian for my) came from Lea’s own time spent in Milan. However, Lea originally studied and received a Ph.D in biology, and did research in Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital. She and her family lived in the French Hill (Givat Shapira) section of Jerusalem, and sent her four children to the TALI school system in which she also worked and created an afterschool program involving parents and students alike.

About twelve years ago, the family moved to Mo’diin. After working in several positions, Lea found herself overqualified in many areas. She basically took matters in her own hands, decided to work creatively on a talent she inherited from her mother, who had been a seamstress. As a young child Lea loved the  feel of the fabrics that her mother used-especially leather. Lea took a three month course in making handbags- and Lika Mia, her brand was launched. When looking at the lovely and practical designs of Lea’s handbags, you will see the colors of nature brought to new heights.

Lea was already familiar with the world of technology, and together with two other ACHI merchants, Irit Digmi (who I interviewed in my last blog) and Aliza Guttman (Layza Gallery-coming up soon J) are honing their digital skills together, updating their websites, always creating, always growing in areas that inform their entrepreneurship. When you look at the pictures of Lea’s bags, don’t be surprised if one of them talks to you! It can happen.